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A Unique Combo of Chiropractic care using Craniosacral Therapy, muscle therapies and traditional adjustments, as necessary. 

 I use a light touch, relaxing body technique.  I unwinds the spine using the dura mater to release subluxations and rebalance the nervous system.  The muscles, ligaments and tendons work together to restore function to an area with little added trauma.   I find this combo is great for chronic issues. 

It can help:

  • headaches
  • TMJ syndrome
  • chronic pain and stress
  • digestive problems 
  • joint issues 


Anything is possible.
Session - Call (518) 268-9542 or email knotdr@juno.com  to schedule hands-on body work in the Capital Region, NY.
        1 hour $701 1/2 hour $85
Nutrition Guidance for the Complex Patient
I evaluate imbalances of immune function, food toxins, food and metal sensitivities that may be interfering with your best health.  With dietary changes and supplements this imbalances are altered so they no longer weaken your system. 

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